Thursday, November 23, 2006

weds 22nd (no spellcheck)

WEDS 22nd
for the past couple of days it has rained pretty heavily for a few hours each afternoon. i say heavily and i mean leaking roofs and rivers in the streets. i didn't change clothes for 3 days cos i could see no point it wrecking some people got stranded on the road back from calsay ma (sp??) a town in the north which means our trip to the very same town has been postponed. even though it is particularly sunny today the road is likely to be sludge.
because of one thing and another it looks like our jaunt to phnom penh is going to be brought forward a week or so. this is pretty much all good. obviously if we could get all of our plans completed forst that would be great, but we can't. so it boils down to the fact that i am going to check out phnom penh in a slightly less hectic and confused state. it also means that when i do my border run for a new business visa i MAY be staying over in thailand for a day or so to check out the elephant camp that inspired jack to start ELIE. Also, while in Phnom Penh i aim to stock up on 2nd hand books.
for no other reason than i am feeling the burden i feel like adding that the noodle soupl at Chom Nor Tmei restaurant, Senmonorom is a full-on onslaught of carbohydrates, so, maybe if yr about to run a marathon you should check them out the night before.
Oh, and last I heaerd we were invited to a Thankgiving affair tomorrow at the abode of some Christian Missionary types. ODD. apparently it's a pot-luck and we were gonna show u
p with out very own AMERICAN! but due to the change in weather conditions he has just set of north on a moto, which will apparently be easier than in a truck. I suppose our addition to the pot-luck dinner (bearing in mind we don't have a kitchen at the moment and hence cannot possibly provide food) is going to have to be our condescending air and ghastly arrogance- they are yanks after all.


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