Friday, December 29, 2006


there's not a hell of a lot going on in senmonorom at the moment.
the orean christans were still here yesterday, i've lost count of how many days they've been here and how many little po pconcerts they've been having at the top of the hill. i considered going to the one last night but thought i'd be much better equiped to cope with it with beer inside me. A couple of days ago i moved into a khmer house on the edge of town so i can't drink at night if i want to drive a moto home. for this reason i stayed at the bar reading instead of joining my god-fearing bretheren.

last night it was hella windy. so windy my window was sucked open half a dozen times. in the night i heard a little cat voice miowing constantly. i decided to go looking for it and discovered a teeny tiny kitten stuck on a joist below my bedroom floor. i tried to prize the critter off but s/he just dug his/her claws into the wood. the kitten was in a difficult to reach place so i could only really rach it with one or the other hadn at a time. i stuggled for a little while and then noticed Sarim's (mabe 15 year old) daughter appear behind me. she quickly scrabbled up a piece of wood, grabbed the kitten and ran off into the house. leaving me feeling like a useless fool. at least it meant i could go back to sleep in peace and not worry about the teeny tiny kitten.

at the moment there's not much happenign with ELIE as we're waiting for paperwork from the government. classic beauracracy. we need signatures on 3 pieces of paper. the guy from the tourist board said we needed someone from the fire dept to sign before he could sign the 3rd paper. he also refused to sign the 2nd piece - which he had no problem with at all- until the 3rd piece was signed by the other guy. utterly pointless.

that's about all my news so far.


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