Wednesday, May 16, 2007

SARC, and the damned place I call home

This is a post I just sent out on Myspace. The thought of returning to the UK really makes me unhappy, something stirs inside me, and I can feel tears welling up. There are people there I love so much, the music I love generally comes from there. And I was built there. I came out of the place but I feel very little other than animosity for the place in general. hopefully I'll see all you good people soon, and before long, we can destroy what we know and hate, or you will all join me outside of that soul-destroying lump of rock.

Show you're in love with the world

(maybe i'll go get drunk now)


sorry for the spam guys. but i am coming home soon and it is exactly this sort of state oppression that I hate and makes me want to leave the UK forever.

the cops are brutal, power-crazy, and they have no rights to conduct themselves the way they so often do, this is exactly why new laws are passed WITHOUT public consent, or even consultation, to give them 'legal rights' to silence all dissidents.

I know what I sound like, but the government is getting more and more out of control. I know many of you may not agree with my views, or the stance SARC represents, but we should not pretend that we are free anymore. we should not suffer in silence. We need to support each other in what we know is right, and we cannot let our freedom of speech be stolen by an ever more controlling government, and their ever more ridiculous specialist branches. Down with thought police, now and forever.

Ray x


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Over 36 hours, those arrested were interviewed repeatedly about their part in lawful demonstrations against HLS.This kind of police extremism only fuels our determination, as it clearly demonstrates just how successful we are being in our campaigns.

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