Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I think I’m going to make this a whinging blog/ cookery blog/ music blog.

And I’ll start with saying that I’m in my new office at work, it’s an open plan thing but pretty small with only 9 desks. HOWEVER, there is a separate office with the manager in. Currently they are having a training meeting with 2 Marketing staff and a new sales man. They’re all coming out with buzzwords and it makes me want to die.

Our new office is meant to be dead swanky but it’s actually a bit rubbish. Not least of all because there is a windowpane missing between this office and the next once, so I can hear everything they’re saying. I mean, they all seem to be trying to talk louder than each other anyway, but the missing window doesn’t help.

Before we moved over to this office last week there was much talk of all the new furniture and so on. But one of the most interesting things that was being talked about was the new Kitchen! Café Pays Noir, we were expecting a decent waterside eatery, you know, polished floors and sandwiches in boxes, demerera sugar for our craftier coffee.

In reality "Café Black Country" is a room with a sink and a fridge. There’s not even a kettle or a microwave; it’s a step down from what we had in the old office with its enormous ancient microwave. Instead of a kettle now we have this thing built into the wall that dispenses "boiling" water.

There are some "arty" black and white photos from around the 30’s and 40’s so obviously they’ve gone for the black country/film noir connection. Maybe.



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