Monday, November 03, 2008

being foreign again

so i've been trying to save a bunch of money. it's been extremely tiring. not least of all cos i spent 5months on the dole without a pot to piss in. eventually i found a job at a factory but i hated the agency (well, more precisely the stuck-up condescending pen-pushing, commission making, topmap shirt-wearing, toni & guy haircut-sporting, fucking wankers who seem to run the scene).

i then got an 'ideal job' which i thought was ethically sound, within my abilities and offered new experiences and encounters. in reality it's another minimum wage job where the people earning the money are left by the people keeping the money to ensure that the money keeps rolling in. and the general public seem to be even cuntier around here than i've noticed previously. i'm fully ready to accept that it is just the bitterness that's within me that has lead me to this negative experience. Nevertheless, i can;t stick it out.

i gave plenty of notice cos i think it's a reasonable thing to do. there are people who would have to pick up the slack of a missing employee and again, it's not those who's responsibility it is to ensure correct staffing levels. nor is it necessarily those people who will most likely suffer that i am trying to escape from.

so what's next? fuck knows. i got a few quid and sure as hell not enough to last til june when i will need to be in the uk for mister pete and ms rach's wedding.

in other news i made a zine, see? positive output. and i suppose i'm back to blogging,

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At 11:46 am , Blogger Peter said...

ooh you quit. yeah from the stuff you told me about your job it does seem doubly depressing to do something that you think is ethically good only to find it still sucks. so you not moving back to midlands then, you off on travels again? you should come back for a night out though, we all missed you down this way!


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