Friday, December 07, 2007

It's Invisible!

It matter not why, but if it were not for unforseen circumstances I would not have been coerced into eating Invisible Crust Bread. I can whole-heartedly advise anyone reading this against ingesting this fucking awful horseshit of an attempt at bread.

I understand it's an attempt to get fussy kids to eat bread without leaving crusts. but there must be a better way, this stuff would put me off bread FULL STOP if i didn't know what real bread was like. it's fucking terrible.



At 4:03 pm , Anonymous peter said...

i'm having bread troubles. parents keep getting me gluten free bread and a lot of the ones they get are horrid, like eating cardboard. keep telling them i can eat gluten but i feel bad for complaining cos they try so hard. they do also get me some nice linseed and poppy seed bread every now and again though too. anyway invisible crust bread sounds so bad, you can imagine the marketing meeting when they were putting that together


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