Wednesday, May 21, 2008

sometimes when things are quiet i can't help but remember occasions where i think i've made the completely wrong decision in life. and i feel like a total chump for those missed opportunities.

maybe in the future i'll go in to detail, but perhaps detail may only serve to make those instances seem irrelevant and my musings melodramatic.

still, it's rubbish having those memories (or at least the regret of the thought of missed the experiences) to dwell on.


At 12:53 pm , Anonymous peter said...

yep, i'm hearing you. i often think my whole life is one of regret and future regret. you should muse away, often the only way for me to stop thinking about the regret is to write it down in my blog. but then again my blog is completely private so noone will ever have any inkling about my strange thoughts...


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