Monday, June 08, 2009

Optical Devices


Optical Devices #2 was released into the world on saturday at ATTA Girl @ the Island Bar. Cos I'm a moron i forgot to scan it, also I don;t have the original at the moment. I'll track one down and will send one along to anyone who's interested. It's a single sheet of A4 folded, printed both sides, it's mostly about nothing at all, rambling bile fuelled nonsense.

Gratis, as ever.

Pee. Ess.

I've now found a (slightly scruffy) copy of OD#2, so that'll be available anytime, should you want one, I also have a full compliment of CS numbers 2-6. I am super-organised and I am listening to Kenickie on Spotify. yea, the future's ace.

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