Thursday, February 05, 2009



there are millions of people doing crazy stuff. snake charmers, story teller, monkeys in nappies, werid dudes dressed like god only knows what and of course, people harassing tourists to fuck to buy shite.

its saturday night out there (sort of) so im gonna nip out and see whats going down in the square 'djeema el fna) but im not buying OWT.

i think ive been to rabbat since i last blogged, but the weather was SO bad that i didnt get up to much. i got led down a dark alley by a local who insisted that the VERY locked up building was his friends restaurant which was open, honest and he thought i should give him money. i got lost getting away from him.

remember the monkeys and snow i was talking about?



At 6:30 pm , Anonymous Pete C said...

We've got snow, but i'm yet to see any monkeys around the Kford area.

Try not to get into any particularly rapey situations.

At 8:19 pm , Anonymous Debbie said...

I'll tell you a story.
Once I went to Rabat. We couldn't find the highly praised restaurant in one of the guidebooks. A guy in a Fez sat on a wall called over to us. "Restaurant?" he shouted. "Follow me!" So we followed Fez man and his lantern into the windy back streets of the old town with its very dark tiny alleys lined with broken glass, the site of a guy getting bashed over the head only a few nights before. On and on we walked, more and more suspicious. We stopped and he banged at something that didn't even look like a door. It had no sign. A panal slid back and then a door opened. It was surreal. We gave him money and entered a PALACE. There were musicians sat on the floor. It was packed with diners. We were seated and a lady arrived with a jug of water containing rose petals (?!!) and basin to wash our hands in. It wasn't cheap by their standards but by golly it was the best food and most amazing place. Not sure they'd have had a vegan menu though :)


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