Sunday, January 25, 2009


it looks like coming here in the off season may not have been a stroke of genius, the hash sellers (and carpet sellers, a,d jilaba sellers) are seeing some mean times, and with fewer europeans around, i make an easy target;:

on my first morning here i was followed, harassed and eventually grabbed by " guys, they were areseholes, you get them all over the world and unfortunately they were more or less the first people i came into contact with

one tactic they used in an attempt to extort money was saying that because i had bought hash from their friend the night before and he had been fined by the police i owed him the money for the fine; the problem being that i hadnt bought anything from anyone the night before so it was full on horseshit an i -politely- intimated as much, they followed; it escallated (only on their part i might add, cool as a cucumber i was) until one guy grabbed me, i pushed him away, told them where to go and wwalked off (not looking back but hoping to fuck they werent following)

latrer on in the day i met some LOVELY local people, drank some mint tea ('berber scotch'), met a vegetarian berber(!) and located a fridge magnet for my dad, well, actually i got someone to make one for me;

right, i might be off to fes toay so i better scarper,,,


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