Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Stuff!

I've been spending more time on We Make Zines recently and forgot to update this place. Maybe I shouldn't bother?

Anyway, There's a new City Sacker available (No.8) as well as a one-off minizine called Horses! and they are, of course free.

I've also updated the Myspace. Really though, you should check out my We Make Zines profile.

Oh, I nearly forgot, thereare also three shiny badges available too, wowza!

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At 11:34 pm , Blogger dunc said...

Horses! Genius, can I get one off you next time I see you?

At 8:19 am , Blogger ray k is foreign said...

I didn't realise I hadn't sent you one already. We're not likely to cross paths til the 20th are we? I'll post one to you in the week.


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