Saturday, November 17, 2007


I don't know how I ended up at the Wee Pop website, but I did. Initially I managed to resist purchasing anything, I'd banned myself from internet shopping cos all my money has been disappearing via paypal. Eventually I gave in, and in all honesty it's probably a good thing. Their 3inch ltd edition (120) cdrs are lovely and come with so many little inserts it's not only exciting but slightly intimidating. Camila and Thor let you know that it's all alright though with a personalised note (complete with heart-shaped cut-out) and a lollipop!

So I was attempting to be responsible and only purchased 2 of the available releases.
POP! 005 is "Pizza under the sea" by tinyfolk
For some reason I thought I knew tinfyfolk already, on listening to this cd I realised I didn't. It's massively (minutely?) twee guitar based pop, that reminds me a little bit of Matt Mason. It's the sort of dream-story acoustic pop that you'll be familiar with if you know asaurus records. It's tender and lo-fi, you're either going to like it or hate it, if you like tape hiss and story songs then you can't go wrong.

POP! 007 is "Call and Response" by Sunny Intervals (Andy from Pocketbooks) which he describes as his "..occasional lo-fi imaginary pop project." It does pretty much what you'd expect from it, it's multi-instrumental sweet, breezy, twee pop about trying to have fun in pubs heaving with hipsters and in towns being bludgeoned by councils and corporations. About finding whimsy and beauty in the quiet spots that are our own, or in the chaos that's communal. The fact that this was recorded in a bedroom is perfectly apt (of course it is not unusual for the genre we now and love), in as much as we find ourselves marginalised not only for our attraction to an esoteric form of pop music, but also that the option to not shop at asda, or buy coca cola, find a career path, get on the property ladder, or whatever has pretty much been wiped away in society. This might be a one-man imaginary pop project, but it's good enough to let me know i'm not alone.

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