Friday, December 05, 2008


Dumpster diving to our friends across the pond.

I think my first skipping adventures were when i was about 15. i lived by a secondary school and used to cut through the school field to get to my mum's house. there was a skip in the car park at the top of the field and outof it i got a projector! slightly knackered but i'm sure had i ever known anything about technical sorts of stuff i could have got it working without much trouble. but i didn;t and i didn't.

then not long after i was walking the same way with a friend and we spotted a GUITAR in the skip! he got his hands on it before me and kept it for a while before selling it on.

10 years have passed and skipping is more common then any time in the modern age (i have no evidence ot back this up but i'm pretty sure that bombed out houses etc during the second world war would've been routed through by all) and seems to be particularly embraced (in theory) by liberals and particularly yr Grauniad supplement type journos ("I once got a perfectly good four-course meal at the back of a restaurant on High Holborn").

Anyway, in recent weeks I've been keeping my eyes open and have come up with some TOP finds including:

+ A virtually box fresh pair of converse shoes (no, not even the pumps, proper trainery type ones) that are exactly my size

+ A Hot water bottle

+ a pair of (slightly too small but useable) gloves

Fuck the credit crunch, fuck the creditors, fuck the venture capitalists and fuck the seasonal sales. the world is hours for the taking.

Buy nothing, love everyone.


At 1:33 pm , Blogger dunc said...

Ray! Using the hot water bottle as a body and the gloves and shoes as limbs - you can build a hot water bottle man with your finds!

At 10:18 am , Blogger Peter said...

yeah, you could take skipping to a whole new level creating a world of skip characters.

i saw your message asking about my blog link so here it is:


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