Sunday, January 18, 2009

mi gusta madrid

im writing this on a french laptop in madrid. everything is in the wrong place, so gimme a break;

after the mammoth coach journey (30ish hours) taking in 2 of the ugliest bus stations ive ever seen (paris something or other and area succo) and discovering that most of spain is covered in snow i arrived in sunny madrid, cold, but sunny.

i had to run around a bit to find a netcafe as i still didnthave the address of the people i had arranged to stay with, eventually i got it sorted. there are รจ or _ of them conpring of various nationalities: italian, french, american, new zealanderish and maybe even spanish, imnot sure;

after a much needed shower i went to the reina sofia and looked at their odern art, including a someti,es quite pleqsing photo exhibition. though really i - and everyone else - was there for guernica. when you get to that part of the gallery theres a definite bottleneck. its not surprising considering the paitings notoriety; and i ,ustve gone bqck to it ' times to take it all in;

also, the nuseun was free on the day score; also also, i got told off for standing too close to a painting. i stormed off muttering about LITTLE MAN WITH A BADGE SYNDROME and forgot to find out who the painting was by. stupid face me;

theres much more, but ihad enough of this keyboard. madrid is so far pretty good. im off to find a veggie cafe..


At 4:21 pm , Blogger Marianthi said...

Heh, I love the non-qwerty keyboard randomness.

Isn't the Reina Sofia museum amazing? I wrote about a poem about it once, so impressed I was!

Hope you're having fun.


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