Saturday, January 19, 2008

protein pills and flying cars.

The last few weeks for me have been spent grooming the interweb for jobs. and also grooming the interhighway-superweb for not jobs, hence...

Things the Internet has taught me recently:

Richard Blackwood - noted turn of the century comedian, rapper, actor and all round mediocre entertainer declared himself bankrupt in 2003.

Life Without Buildings released a live album last year. I completely missed this but have lifted my self-imposed record buying ban for this album only.

4 out of 10 of the hospitals put on "special measures" in because of poor hygiene standards 2001 were in Dudley. I think I knew this at the time but reading it now seems even more shocking.... out of 689 hospitals in the UK 40 failed a 2nd test, 10 were on special measures, and 4 of those 10 were in Dudley. Yikes!

There's such as thing as Burmese Tofu which is not tofu as we would know it. no soya beans - it's made from gram flour! I might try to make some myself.

Mithraism - or the belief system of the followers of Sol Invictus in the Roman world - should be a problem for Christians. But then again, faith is faith.

The term for entering and nosing around abandoned buildings is Urban Exploration*. I'd never realised this was such a common interest. If i ever get round to buying a camera I'd be happy to do that sort of thing more often. *no link because there are so many varied sites - go look!

Rhubarb Crumble is surprisingly easy to make (and by extension apple/pear etc)and you don't even need to follow any instructions. I didn't and mine turned out pretty bloody well.

I bought all my xmas presents for myself from AbeBooks, it's sort of a portal for indie/used book stores all over the world. There're MILLIONS of 2nd hand books, multiple copies of stuff that I've not been able to find anywhere else, and often very cheap too. yays!

There's indiepop in Peru! who knew?

The official snack food of the state of Idaho is Jell-o, and Philadelphia is known as the city of brotherly love because that's the literal translation of the name from Greek.

and finally, this game is a fantastic way to waste time (well, up until a certain point cos then I got stuck and wanted to set fire to things).