Sunday, October 07, 2007

Change of Direction

I don't know that any one's read this for ages, but more fool them if they have- it's not been updated since June. Anyway, I heard some people were reading it, and since I randomly Email some people with recipes, I thought I'd publish them. Not one tonight because I just don't feel like it. But in my immediate arsenal there's Ace Muffins, N'egg' Fried Rice, Cheez Cake, Chinese Takeaway-Style Curry and so on and so forth. None of my recipes include "fake" ingredients, none of them necessitate popping to yr local Hippie emporium, and none of them take forever to cook.

I'm not pretending anything will rid you of Liver Cancer, nor will they help you win Master Chef, but they may point you in the right direction at times of trouble, when you need the things in the cupboard to turn up trumps.

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