Saturday, February 21, 2009

Veggie Pride


Birmingham, home to theUK's first ever vegetarian hotel, first "health food store"and currently home to the Vegan Society, is soon to host the UK's first ever Veggie Pride event.

If people who would like to attend could register their interested on Pledge Bank and also join the Facebook evgen thingy, that'd be quite nice, dontcha think.

Also, I believe there *may* be a crossover between pop and vaggie types, so I'm considering sortingout a POP event for the evening.

Who wants in?

Sunday, February 08, 2009


i'm in seville right now.

in case anyoneis wondering, seville seems incredibly lovely. i seriously cannot understand why no one told me to go to seville.

BLOODY HELL! at leadt 2 people read that last post, so id better stick some more pictures in soon, unfortunately i dont have my flash drive on my right now.... ooh im a tease!
dont forget the map, loik

Thursday, February 05, 2009



there are millions of people doing crazy stuff. snake charmers, story teller, monkeys in nappies, werid dudes dressed like god only knows what and of course, people harassing tourists to fuck to buy shite.

its saturday night out there (sort of) so im gonna nip out and see whats going down in the square 'djeema el fna) but im not buying OWT.

i think ive been to rabbat since i last blogged, but the weather was SO bad that i didnt get up to much. i got led down a dark alley by a local who insisted that the VERY locked up building was his friends restaurant which was open, honest and he thought i should give him money. i got lost getting away from him.

remember the monkeys and snow i was talking about?