Sunday, December 21, 2008

pop front

i'm more addicted to this song than you have ever been addicted to booze, crack, chocolate, sex, cigarettes or love.

unfortunately i'm only aware of 2 songs by The Artist Formerly Unknown and both were from compilations on the sadly now defunct Asaurus label.

also, since i've figured out how to upload mp3s you can expect more between now and morocco.

City Sacker #3.5 is done. I'm not sending out indiviual copies, but if you want some (and/or #2&3) to leave around just let me know. they're free of course. otherwise Caramel or Marching Stars can sort you out.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

i'm fucking haulicinating

Indietracks makes me hallucinate. it's official.

After Christmas twee I spent a TERRIFIED night in my rubbish, freezing barn in Cumbria. and I was absolutely convinced that either a) a mouse or b) a person was trying to force entry through the skylight*, and this had me almost in tears.

Now, some things to take note of. when i DID have a mouse sneaking in to my room i simply caught it in a teapot (honestly!) and walked in to the woods to release it. it wasn't in the least bit scary. why it would try to gain entry through the skylight and why i should find this so frightening i have no idea. Also, anyone trying to get in through the roof would soon find that it is QUITE a drop to the floor and would very much risk breaking something. Also, there is a single-pained window at shoulder height with a nice ledge to clime on to. Normally neither of these absurd speculations would have bothered me, but after Christmas twee i was half dead with fear.

And when I managed to convince myself my mind was playing trick on my i thought i was being sexually abused in my sleep. fucking great. cue whimpering.

After Indietracks in the summer I spent a good 24 hours believing the most vivid dream (nightmare) i have ever had in my entire life. No other dreams have come anywhere close in the past 15 years. But in the summer I was under the impression that ALL of indietracks had turned against me because of a plot which had left me in possession of John Slade's digital camera and I was completely unable to explain how it had come in to my possession. I was in the main shed bit and surrounded by 1,000 kids all staring me down. the futility of my protestations was evident. I had the camera and no way of explaining how or why, because until someone accused me of having it I hadn;t seen it at all.

And then things started to get weird. For some reason everyone was saying that i should kiss some random girl I'd never met before. i was reluctant to do it inasmuch as i had no idea who she was and 1,000 people were watching me. then the girl produced her own digital camera and started showing me videos of her home. it seemed to be a sort of tropical background and i assumed she was from South America.

also instead of teeth she had stringy-pointed gums.

now, except for the seriously unbelievable parts, i was convinced this was real. so basically, although i KNEW there was now pointy-gummed freakish South American lady, and i KNEW I hadn't been anywhere near John Slade, let alone his camera, I couldn;t shake this feeling. I felt as though leaving my room would make everything real and bring it all crashing down.

why did you do this to me indietracks? why are you messing with my head?

*skylight makes it sound more glamorous than it really is, it's a single-pained, slightly cracked, detritus covered piece of glass way up in the ceiling.

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Friday, December 05, 2008


Dumpster diving to our friends across the pond.

I think my first skipping adventures were when i was about 15. i lived by a secondary school and used to cut through the school field to get to my mum's house. there was a skip in the car park at the top of the field and outof it i got a projector! slightly knackered but i'm sure had i ever known anything about technical sorts of stuff i could have got it working without much trouble. but i didn;t and i didn't.

then not long after i was walking the same way with a friend and we spotted a GUITAR in the skip! he got his hands on it before me and kept it for a while before selling it on.

10 years have passed and skipping is more common then any time in the modern age (i have no evidence ot back this up but i'm pretty sure that bombed out houses etc during the second world war would've been routed through by all) and seems to be particularly embraced (in theory) by liberals and particularly yr Grauniad supplement type journos ("I once got a perfectly good four-course meal at the back of a restaurant on High Holborn").

Anyway, in recent weeks I've been keeping my eyes open and have come up with some TOP finds including:

+ A virtually box fresh pair of converse shoes (no, not even the pumps, proper trainery type ones) that are exactly my size

+ A Hot water bottle

+ a pair of (slightly too small but useable) gloves

Fuck the credit crunch, fuck the creditors, fuck the venture capitalists and fuck the seasonal sales. the world is hours for the taking.

Buy nothing, love everyone.